Our company are specializes in manufacturing various styles of T-shirts, Polo shirts, uniforms, suits, windbreakers, sweaters, school uniforms and multi-function high performance waterproof jackets, and undertakes orders from local, mainland China, and overseas. With more than 15 years of production experience, our own production plant is situated in Zhongshan, Guangdong. We provide clients with professional designs in one-stop production services in accordance with clients needs for clothing in different style, quality, color, specifications fabric. We also compy with the stardards of Europe and Japan for hi-tech embroidery, calico printing, heat printing, embroidery badges.

All our products are manufactured with safety and environmental friendly materials so as to meet quality standards in Europe. We manage to minimize the price difference between our clients and middle agents, and strive for providing clients with the most competitive price without compromising the quality, for enhancing the image and competitiveness of our clients. We hope we can become your long-term bineness partner, hand in hand to embrace success.

Give us your requirements and we will get the job done, regardless of quantity of orders. Should you have any enquiries of sample products, please contact Miss Lau of Sales Department on (852) 24822081.


本公司專門承辦及製造本地、國內、海外,不同款式 T-恤、POLO 恤、制服、套裝、風褸、毛衣、中小學、幼稚園校服及多效能高級透氣防水外套等。



歡迎客戶來款訂做,產品數量多小同樣歡迎。如欲查詢或安排樣板,請與本公司營業部劉小姐聯絡 (852) 24822081