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About us

Harvests Company is a supplier of workwear/uniforms, based in Hong Kong. Since our founding in 1998, we have grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of uniforms, outdoor clothing and Our Own Brands. However, there is much more to Harvests than meets the eye. We do not just manufacture excellent quality uniform, chef jackets and waitress aprons, we provide full uniform solutions to some of the biggest chain businesses in Hong Kong and we do not just do this for the hospitality sector. Harvests are effectively the team behind the scenes for many Hong Kong businesses as we design bespoke uniform items, construct workwear ranges, manufacture products, manage the supply chain and keep uniforms clean. We are the people’s people, after all we are in the business of clothing people, not just with any clothes, not just with the clothes that we can make the cheapest and sell the highest; but with clothes that keep people happy at work. Workwear that works as hard as you do.

This is why we say we understand workwear. We have 20 plus years of experience in providing our products, services and help to businesses, some of whom have been with us since the very start. As a business, we value relationships, even in a world where profit margins are all too easily put first. Our aim is to succeed by helping businesses succeed, to provide solutions that save you money, keep your staff happily clothed and impress your customers because ultimately, your customers are our customers. They see our products, they feel the benefits of our services and when we make an impact on them, we make an impact on you.

Our website is your portal into our world and our world does not have a size restriction. We work with businesses that have 10 staff in the same way that we do with those who have 10,000 because all of our customers are important to us. This website is our realisation of this belief. A large amount of investment has gone into creating a website that makes it easy and enjoyable to buy from us while still being affordable and cost effective for you. While anyone can buy online from us, if you are a large, multisite business please do get in touch once you have read through our services, you may well be surprised at how much we could help you.

Harvests Company are experts in designing uniforms that work for your business and that are effective in matching the image of your brand. To find out more about how exactly we can help you, view our products section.